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December 3, 2016

  • Level 1 Umpire Course offered by George Cubiss

November 30, 2016

  • Updated 2016/2017 V&D Executives

 November 7, 2016

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October 21, 2016

  •  Bowls and Bag for Sale

October 2, 2016

  • Bowlers of the Year in V&D Results (Women's and men's)

 Sept 29, 2016

  • V & D Awards Day Photos

Sept 10, 2016

  •  Men's and Women's Intermediate Single Results
  • Women's Intermediate Triple Results

 Sept 5, 2016

  • Mixed 4's Results

 Sept 2, 2016

  •  Top Ten Final Results

Winners: Mixed and Juniors

Mixed Pairs

A Section: 1st










  A Section: 2nd









  Section B: 1st 









 Section B: 2nd 

 Glen & Darlene Vachon


  Jenny & Sam Siu 


 Karin Rees & Clement Law 


Bob Martin & Pat Skinner 


 Nicholson Pairs

July 26 & 28

A Section

 1st Karin Rees, Clement Law (NV)


 2nd Tony & Pat Webster (MR)

 3rd Stanley Chow & Rainbow Lung (RMD)

B Section
 1st John Speers, Marilyn RIch (NV)

 2nd Barrie Brown, Marg Mitchell (KD)

 3rd Ed Logan Valentina Feng (NW)



Junior Mixed Singles - July 21    


Emma Boyd

Owen Twamley - Tsw



Olwen Donohoe - Tsw

Lauren Burnett - Tsw



Updated August 26

The Adult-Junior Triples and Junior / Adult Pairs have been classified this year as Inter-club events and, as such, do not qualify the winners for attendance at Awards Day.



Mixed 4's   August 16 - 18

'A' Section Winners

'A' Section Runners Up


'B' Section Winners

'B' Section Runners Up

Stanley Chow, James Chen, Anita Lee, Alice Lam

Bob Martin Marilyn Rich, Bob Ellis, Ann McCartney

Paul Lee, Fanny Yeung, Earl Luk, Angelo Lo

Winson Wan, Ricki Chan, Esther Ho, Veena Leung