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V&D Volunteer Award - Past Winners                                      Compiled by Dr. John Aveline

    In November 2005 at its AGM the V&D made an extraordinary award to an extraordinary individual, whose contribution to the Sport of Bowls was so exceptional that something special was required to acknowledge his decades of work.  And so, at the suggestion of the Granville Park Bowls Club, Jim Buttar was awarded an honourary membership to every club in the Vancouver and District.  The motion passed without any discussion required.

    Jim Buttar had served numerous times on the V&D board starting in 1969, as well as on the executives of four different clubs.  He was a key member of the organizing committees for four different major Canadian championships (1981, 1986, 1998, 2004) as well as being the assistant score-keeper and fund-raising chair for the 1993 Pacific Rim Championships and the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

    Since this award was made, Jim has contributed his time and experience to the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club as it has resumed operations in their new facilities as well as serving several times on the Canadian Indoor Singles Championships committee.

    Jim Buttar is truly a one-of-a-kind guy!

V&D Bowlers who have been recognized outside the V&D

A number of bowlers in the V&D have been recognized at the Provincial, National and International levels for their extraordinary contributions to the Sport of Bowls.  Here are the ones known to your writer.  If you know of others ,please pass the names, awards won and years in which they were won to me.

Bowls B.C. President's Award

1995    Dorothy Macey  (Vancouver South)

1999    Jim Murphy  (Vancouver South)

2000    Jim Buttar  (Vancouver South)

V&D Volunteer Award - past winners

In 1996 the Volunteer Awards were established by Bowls BC.  Each district selects one or two individuals whom it feels has made an extraordinary contribution to the Sport of Bowls in the district. 


2014   Kion Wong Richmond, Samuel Siu  North Vancouver

2013   George Cubiss  Maple Ridge,  Frank Kaweski  West Point Grey

2012   John Speers  North Vancouver

2011   On Kow Au   Richmond

2006-2010  No selection

2005   Janet Schwartzentruber   South Burnaby

2002-2004  No selection

2001    Jim Murphy  Vancouver South

2000    Peter Moffat  North Vancouver,  Betty Leon  Burnaby North

1999    Tony Boucher    Granville Park
           Jim and Sheila Buttar    Vancouver South (nominees of Bowls B.C.)

1998    Margaret Harrington   New Westminster


1996    Fred Sallis & Kathy Finch    New Westminster