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The History of the Vancouver & District Events

Articles written by Dr. John Aveline

The history of the various V&D events makes for such interesting reading that it seemed sensible to gather, distill the available information and write up a short history on the various V&D events.

Men's Fours (formerly the Hudson Bay Rinks)

    The V&D Men's Fours along with the Men's Pairs and Singles are tournaments older than the V&D itself.  The V&D as it exists now began in 1932, but these events went back quite a bit further.  The Hudson Bay Rinks was undoubtedly attributable to Henry Thomas Lockyer, a charter member of the Terminal City Lawn Bowling Club (Granville Park) and manager of the Hudson Bay Company in B.C. (as well as President of the Vancouver Board of Trade in 1903.

    There developed over the years "the curse" which was that no team that won the V&D Men's Fours ever went on to win the Provincial Men's Fours.  The significance of this curse has faded in recent years; V&D events are closed while the Provincials are open, so it is fairly uncommon for exact teams which play in the V&D Fours to go on to play in the Provincials.  But there was a time when the V&D Men's Fours was used as a tune-up for the Provincials.  You have to go back a few years to even find close calls.  For instance, in 1998 the V&D Fours winners from Granville Park (Chris Grahame, Danny Ho, John Aveline & Alan Webster) won the silver at the Provincials (losing to Ted Waterston's team).  Ironically, as hosts, the silver medalists played at the Canadians and won silver.  This only strengthened the curse, since it seemed as if the best team had been cursed from winning provincial gold.

Men's Pairs (formerly the O.B. Allan Doubles)


Men's Singles (formerly the Birks Singles)


Women's Fours

    The V&D Women's Fours was originally called the Mainland Rinks Trophy, donated by four women bowlers; Mrs. M. Robertson, G. Taylor, M. Rumball & B. Hunter (possibly a team?) and first played for in 1964.  The trophy has recently been updated and re-instituted for annual play as we near the 50th anniversary of the event.  For a look at the trophy just click here.  The list of Champions can be found on this website here.