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Umpire's Page - Rule Questions - Answers

Answer: April's Question 

           The jack must be placed on the single re-spot position which is 2 metres from
            the front ditch on the centre line Law 56.5.3

            If the spot is partly or completely covered  by a bowl, the jack must be placed as
            close as possible to the covered spot, between and in line with that spot and the
            corresponding spot at the opposite end of the rink, without touching a bowl
            Law 56.5.4

Answer: May's Question 

Law 6:  Placing the mat

Law 6.1:   At the start of each end

Law 6.1.3:   If, after the jack has been delivered but before the first bowl is delivered, a player or the marker finds that the mat line has not been positioned within the distances described in Law 6.1.1, the opposing player should place the mat as described in Law 6.1.1 and re-deliver the jack.