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V&D Men's Champions

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(Discontinued)      TRIPLES CHAMPIONS (Discontinued)

V&D Bowler of the Year

The V&D Bowler of the Year was instituted to recognize the Male and Female bowlers who were most successful in V&D events.  This award was instituted and sponsored by Wayne Hopwood to recognize the top bowler in V&D events for a given year.  The list of eligible events has changed over the years (at one point senior events were eligible, until it was pointed out that this was not fair, since non-seniors were ineligible and therefore were at a huge disadvantage.  The Bowler of the Year is also meant to encourage participation, since the more events you play in, the better chance you have to win.  Currently there are five events from which a bowler may earn points towards the Bowler of the Year: Singles, Pairs, Fours, Mixed Pairs & Mixed Fours.  Bowlers receive points according to the following formula:

  1st in “A” (Championship Flight)


  2nd in “A” (Championship Flight)


  1st in “B” (Consolation Flight) or 3rd overall


  2nd in “B” (Consolation Flight) or 4th overall


Typically, a bowler who accumulates 10-12 points finds themselves in first place.  The maximum points a bowler could earn in one year is 20 (which has never been done - it would require a bowler winning all 5 events).  The following are the recorded winners of this prestigious award.

V&D Male Bowler of the Year

2016  Kin On Lau (Richmond)

2015   James MacGowan, Jonathon Braun (Kerrisdale)

2014   Kelvin Lai (Richmond)

2013   Kenneth Lee, Vince Mai (Vancouver South)

2012   Paul Lee  (Richmond)

2011   Stanley Chow  (Vancouver South)

2010   Steve Santana  (Vancouver South)

2009   Stanley Chow  (Vancouver South)

2008   Perry Manns  (North Vanocuver)

2007   Clement Law  (North Vancouver)

2006   Perry Manns  (North Vancouver)


2004   Vince Mai  (Vancouver South)



2001   Hiren Bhartu  (Vancouver South)

2000   Roddy McDonald  (North Vancouver)


Men's Singles Champions

This is one of the original events in the V&D calendar and predates the V&D itself.  Originally it was sponsored by Birks Silver and was called the Birks Singles.  Over the years there have been as few as 24 and as many as 90 competing for this title.

2016  Jim Duholke (West Vancouver)

2015   Steven Santana (Vancouver South)

2014   Stan Turner (Mann Park)

2013   Gary Kirk  (Richmond)

2012   Kin On Lau  (Richmond)

2011   Paul Lee (Richmond)

2010   James Chen (Vancouver South)

2009   Laurence Leedham   (North Vancouver)

2008   Kin-On Lau   (Richmond)

2007   Michael Leong   (Granville Park)

2006   Perry Manns   (North Vancouver)


2004   Malcolm Taylor  (North Vancouver)

2003   Vince Mai   (Granville Park)

2002   Alan Webster   (Granville Park)

2001   Hirendra Bhartu   (New Westminster)

2000   Alan Webster   (Granville Park)

1999   Dave Brown   (North Vancouver)

1998   Roddy MacDonald   (South Burnaby)

1997   Ed Waterston   ()

1996   Ed Waterston  ()

1995   Brain Hopwood  (Vancouver South)

1994   Ed Waterston  ()

1993   Bob Hinksman  (New Westminster)

1992   Bob Scott  (Vancouver South)

1991   Bob Scullion  (New Westminster)

1990   Vince Sutherland  (Vancouver South)

1989   Peter Fish  ()

1988   H. Clark  ()

1987   Vince Sutherland  (Vancouver South)

1986   Graham Drew  (West Vancouver)

1985   H. Clark  ()

1984   Dave Brown  (North Vancouver)

1983   Vince Sutherland  (Vancouver South)

1982   Vince Sutherland  (Vancouver South)

1981   Dave Brown  (North Vancouver)

1980   Graham Jarvis  ()

1943   W.G. Murray (Terminal City)

1942   E.G. Allen (Vancouver Club)

1941   T. Campbell (Cedar Cottage)

1940   H.W. Collom (West Vancouver)

1939   Cr. Wheant (Vancouver South)

1938   A.B. Bryson (Cedar Cottage)


1936   Cr. Wheant (Vancouver South)

1935   J. Bell (Kerrisdale)

1934   Cr. Wheant (Vancouver South)

1933   J.O. Oldfin (Dunbar Heights)

1932   J.T. Smith (Vancouver Club)


Men's Pairs Champions

The Men's Pairs is another of the 'charter members' in the V&D competitions.  It also predates the establishment of the V&D.  This event, too, has had a wide range of entries, from 24 to 123!

2016  John Scutt, Bill Lang (Maple Ridge

2015  James MacGowan, Jonathon Braun (Kerrisdale)

2014   George Cubiss, Eugene Maxwell (Maple Ridge)

2013   Paul Lee, Stanley Chow  (Richmond)

2012   James Chen, Richard Yau  (Richmond)

2011   Steve Santana, Stanley Chow  (Vancouver South)

2010   Steve Santana, Stanley Chow  (Vancouver South) 

2009   Perry Manns, Clement Law   (North Vancouver)

2008   Stephen Yung, Chester Yeung (Richmond)

2007   Stephen Yung, Chester Yeung (Richmond)

2006   Peter Tsang, Ron Mattison (New Westminster)



2003   Alfred Pang, Tony Tse   (Richmond)

2002   Paul Choi, Alfred Pang   (Richmond)

2001   Bob Scott, Dave Duncalf   (Vancouver South)

2000   Chris Grahame, Jim Logan   (Vancouver South)

1999   Jack Mitchell, Francis Lee   (Granville Park)

1998   Hirendra Bhartu, Roddy MacDonald   (South Burnaby)

1997   Vince Sutherland, Roddy MacDonald   (Vancouver South)


1932   R. Adam, I.F. Elliott (Vancouver Club)

Men's Fours Champions

The third in the 'majors trifecta' of V&D events which are older than the V&D.  The V&D Men's Fours is the grand-daddy of all Championships.  Hudson Bay donated a trophy to the then Vancouver Lawn Bowling Association in May 1917 and was awarded to the club champion (what is now the Little Mountain club).  After the 1917 season, the club split into two: the Vancouver LBC and the City LBC (which would eventually be called Granville Park).  City took the trophy with them  Two years later they donated the trophy to the Lower Mainland LBA.   This event has played without interruption ever since and will soon be celebrating its 100th year!  there is a long-standing curse that the team that wons the V&D Men's Fours does not go on to win the Provincial Fours.  At one time this was a surprise, since the V&D Fours was a warm-up for the Provincials.  Now we are in the era of completely open teams allowed in the provincials and so 'doing the double' is much harder.  In recent times, some teams have got close.  The 1998 team took provincial silver, played as Team BC 2 at the Nationals and won silver again.  The 2000 team came in 4th at the provincials.  The 2009 team did win the provincials, but with Dave Baldwin in place of Perry Manns.

2016  Joe de Briun, Bob Martin, Don Black, Clement Law (North Vancouver

2015   Vince Mai, Brad Neave, Bob Scott, Ricki Chan (Vancouver South)

2014   Peter Davies, John Scutt, Bill Lang, Tony Webster (Maple Ridge)

2013   Steve Santana, Vince Mai, Jim Buttar, Kenneth Lee  (Vancouver South)

2012   Peter Tsang, Fred Fong, Guru Chima, Freeman Watt  (New Westminster)

2011   George Cubiss, Peter Davies, John Scutt, Tony Webster  (Maple Ridge)

2010   Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bruce Matheson, Clement Law  (North Vancouver)

2009   Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bruce Matheson, Clement Law  (North Vancouver)

2008   Hiren Bhartu, Charles Ko, Fred Fong, Peter Tsang   (New Westminster)

2007   Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bob Gandy, Clement Law   (North Vancouver)

2006   Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bob Gandy, Clement Law   (North Vancouver)


2004   Chris Grahame, Ian Tyzzer, Olie Madsen, Jim Cambrey (Mann Park)

2003   Dave Brown, Cary Manns, Devan Wilkie, Perry Manns   (North Vancouver)

2002   Bruce Matheson, Chris Grahame, Cary Manns, Ernie Braithewaite   ()

2001   Bob Scott, Steve Forrest, Hirendra Bhartu, Dave Duncalf   (Vancouver South)

2000   Bob Scott, Dave Duncalf, Steve Forrest, Des Deroches   (Vancouver South)

1999   Roddy MacDonald, Michael Sanderson, Hirendra Bhartu, Steve Forrest (SP)

1998   Chris Grahame, Danny Ho, John Aveline, Alan Webster   (Granville Park)

1997   Chris Grahame, Danny Ho, Francis Lee, Alan Webster   (Granville Park)

1996   Vince Mai, Harry Rihela, Charles Chang, David Chang   (Vancouver South

1995   Walter Kalke, Tony Boucher, Doug Bergey, Bob Sillars   (Granville Park)

1990   Chris Grahame,

1961-1994 - Information unavailable

1960   Bobby Welsh, Bill Brown, Fred Ellis, Andy Hunter   (Kerrisdale)


1958   Bobby Welsh, Bill Brown, Alec Laughton, Haggerty   (Kerrisdale)

1944-1957 - information unavailable

1943   Dr J. Gosse, S.M. McPhee, D. Donaldson, C. Moir   (New Westminster)

1942   J. Sorenson, J. Barclay, C.C. Donevan, G. Fairley   (Mount Pleasant)

1941   C. Gregg, F. Tasker, W. Blair, J.F. Richmond   (Terminal City)

1940   J. Wardlaw, W. Peters, F. Whittaker, R.L. Williams   (North Vancouver)

1939   A. Holmes, G. White, J. Bell, J.R. Walker   (Kerrisdale)

1933-1938  -  Information unavailable  

1932   H.C. LePatourel, M.S. Clark, J.F. Merilees, J.M. White (Vancouver Club)

Men's Novice Singles Champions

There is one more event which pre-dates the V&D and the Colt Singles.  This event, which was once called the 'Semi-ready Singles' has seen some winners who have gone on to become great bowlers.  This event is a great chance for new bowlers to try out a competition against bowlers with similar experience and see how they like 'venturing out'.  Almost everyone who plays in one tournament is hooked for life.  Currently a colt is defined as someone who is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year bowler.

2016  Alan Wass (Dunbar)

Colt changed to Novice in 2016

2015  Graham Miller (Kerrisdale)

2014   Simon Leung (Richmond)

2013   Jonathan Braun (Kerrisdale)

2012   Jesse Bradford  (West Vancouver)

2011   Jack Green   (Kerrisdale)

2010   Ron Roman   (Richmond)

2009   Ed Iftody   (Stanley Park)

2008   Sand Wan   (Richmond)

2007   Mark Weiss  (South Burnaby)

2006   Peter Cullis   (Ladner)

2005   Mark Weiss   (South Burnaby)

2004   Eldon Okert   (New Westminster)

2003   George Cubiss   (Maple Ridge)

2002   Ricki Chan   (Richmond)

2001   Peter Tsang   (New Westminster)

2000   Ed Cooper   (Coquitlam)

1999   Harold Marchant   ()

1998   Ron Fox   (Coquitlam)

1997   Michael Leong   (Granville Park)

1996   Wally Bergman   ()

1995   Laurence Leedham   (North Vancouver)

1994   Brad Neave   (Granville Park)

1993   Michael Christ   (New Westminster)

1992   Allan Rae   (North Vancouver)

1991   Merv Canham   (New Westminster)

1990   Warren Spence   (New Westminster)

1989   Peter White   (New Westminster)

1988   Alex Goodlet   (Kennedy Park)

1987   Chris Grahame   (Mann Park)

1986   J. Waring 

1985   John Kochaniuk

1984   Henry Belhouse  (North Vancouver)

1983   Jim Logan Sr  (Vancouver South)

1982   A. Plumridge 

1981   Eric Roberts 

1980   Brian Boyle 


1978   Robert Sillars   (Vancouver South)

1977   Buck Glover   (Vancouver South)

1976   A. Johnstone   (South Burnaby

1975   Jim Murphy   (Vancouver South)

Men's Intermediate Pairs Champions

The Men's Colt Pairs is a newer event, instituted to give new bowlers an added event event designed for them to try their arm and develop their skills.  The event was first run in 1964, with a trophy put up by Standard Glass.  This trophy was used until 1979 when, presumably, Standard Glass withdrew their sponsorship.

2016   Earl Luk, Kin Wong (Richmond)

Colt Pairs changed to Intermediate in 2016.

2015   Graham Miller. Matt Miller  (Kerrisdale)

2012 - 14   not run due to lack of entries

2011   Ron Roman & Daniel Wai  (Richmond)

2010   Barrie Brown, Jack Green   (Kerrisdale) 

2009   Johnny Liu, Wayne Chow   (Richmond)

2008   Dudley Shephard, Roy Raymond   (Kennedy Park)

2007  Roy Nicolle, Mark Weiss (South Burnaby)

2006   Mark Weiss, Ray Nicolle   (South Burnaby)

2005   Dieter Schulz, Peter Cullis   (Ladner)

2004   Tommy Choi, Stanley Chow   (Richmond)

2003   Ivan Wong, Kelly Wong   (Richmond)

2002   Larry White, Gordon Feenstra   (North Vancouver)

2001   Dave Baldwin, Dave Bell LG) / Mani Naicker, Harvey LeClaire   (tied)

2000   Duncan Holness, Vic Dipalo   (Maple Ridge)

1999   Ron Fox, Len Compton   (Coquitlam)

1998   G. Clarke, Bob Johnson   ()

1997   Laurence Leedham, John Sedola (NV) / Alan Ashton, David Major (MR)   (tied)


1979   Robert Sillars, B. Rafter  (Vancouver South

1977   Doug Brown, Ralph Spicer   (Vancouver South)

1976   A. Johnston, D. Pringle   (South Burnaby)

1975   B. Williamson, Jim Murphy   (Vancouver South)

1974   B. Williamson, Jim Murphy   (Vancouver South)

1973   E. Hunt, G. Best   (Burnaby North)

1972   Don Macey, J. Dull   (Vancouver South)

1969   C. Reynolds, G. Mullen   (Dunbar)

1968   W. Griffiths, W. Peters   (Dunbar)

1967   W. Dafoe, W. Kidd   (New Westminster)

1966   E. Edge, W. Stirling   (Grandview)

1965   F. Nutall, G. Jones   (West Point Grey)

1964   Les Kitson, Wayne Hopwood  (Mount Pleasant)

Men's Intermediate Triples Champions

There is also a Colt Triples event, which was begun on the theory that most of the events in the V&D calendar are triples and so some experience playing in a triples tournament would be useful.  It is also assumed that most new bowlers will be familiar with playing triples at their club and so more willing to compete in a 'known' event.

2016   Jim Duholke, Stuart McDouglall, Gary Brisbois (West Vancouver)

Colt Triples changed to Intermediate in 2016 

2015   Marty Houser, Statish Lal, Rick Applegath  (Coquitlam)

2014   Jonathon Braun, Graham Miller, Matt Miller (Kerrisdale)

2013   Gordon Oikawa, George Man, Kelvin Lai  (Richmond)

2012   Gordon Oikawa, George Man, Kelvin Lai  (Richmond)

2011   Terry Johnson, Kelvin Lai, George Man   (Richmond)

2010   Cordell Pennington, Len Menghello, Jim Hughes   (Coquitlam) 

2009   John Percival, Dave Rosta, John Morrow


2007   John Moffat, Frank Roy, John Lockyer (North Vancouver)

2006   Alan Evans, Thomas Tam, Sam Wong (GP/Richmond)

2005   John Percival, John Morrow, Dave Rosta (Coquitlam)

2004   Ed Martin, Tony Miuth, Mike North   (Stanley Park)

2003   George Cubiss, Tony Webster, Pete Davis   (Maple Ridge)

2002   Dave Bell, Mathias Rumpeltes, Malter Masuk   (Langley)

2001   Gary Korstrom, Main Naicker, Harvey Carriere   (Coquitlam)

2000   Cancelled

1999   George Pettypiece, Jack Campbell, Micky Statler  (Tsawwassen)

1998   Louis Tsang, Ming Leung, Ben Lee   (Granville Park)

1997   Gary Clarke, Ken Jones, Ron Fox   (Coquitlam)


Men's Novice Single Champions

New event added to the V&D events in 2016.

2016  Jim Duholke, Stuart McDougall, Gary Brisibois (West Vancouver)

Senior Champions

Senior Men's Singles 

 The Senior Men's Singles is one of three senior men's events on the V&D slate.  It was once called the Veteran's Singles and has quite a long pedigree with a few major names on the winner's roll.

2016 John Scutt (Maple Ridge)

2015  Dave Baldwin (White Rock)

2014  Dave Baldwin (White Rock)

2013  Christie Grahame   (White Rock)

2012  John Moffat  (Maple Ridge / North Vancouver) 

2011   Christie Grahame  (Mann Park)

2010   Christie Grahame  (Mann Park)

2009   Eugene Maxwell   (Maple Ridge)

2008   Ron Reichelt   (Maple Ridge)

2007   George Cubiss   (Maple Ridge)

2006   George Cubiss   (Maple Ridge)

2005   George Cubiss   (Maple Ridge)

2004   John Scutt   (Maple Ridge)

2003   Herman Litsky   (New Westminster)

2002   Jack Mitchell   (Vancouver South)

2001   George Brost   (White Rock)

2000   Bill Meek   (White Rock)

1999   Perry Manns   (North Vancouver)

1998   Graham Jarvis   (Granville Park)

1997   Graham Jarvis   (Granville Park)

1996   John Bell  (Stanley Park)

1995   Graham Jarvis  (Granville Park)

1994   Graham Jarvis  (Granville Park)

1993   Bud Addleman  (Stanley Park)

1992   Bert Corcoran  ()

1991   Bert Corcoran  ()

1990   G. Andrews  ()

1989   Doug Bergey  (Terminal City)

1988   E. Novakowski  ()

1987   L. Lebeter  ()

1986   L. Lebeter  ()

1985   A. Ottaway  ()

1984   S. Collins  ()

1983   Sid Clarkson  (Dunbar)

1982   L. Lebeter  ()

1981   John Berry  (Dunbar)

1980   John Berry  (Dunbar)


 Senior Men's Pairs

The Senior Men's Pairs used to play for the La Patourel trophy.

2016   John Scutt, Bill Lang (Maple Ridge)   

2015   John Scutt, Bill Lang  (Maple Ridge)

2014   Christie Grahame & Alex Abraham (White Rock)

2013   Tony Webster, Peter Davies  (Maple Ridge)

2012   Tony Webster, Peter Davies  (Maple Ridge)

2011   Stanley Chow, Johnny Liu  (Richmond)

2010   Dave Baldwin, Bruce Matheson  (Langley)

2009   Dave Baldwin, Bruce Matheson   (Langley)


2007  Peter Moffat, Perry Manns (North Vancouver)



2003   Ken Louden, Charlie Humphries   (North Vancouver)

2002   John Harvey, Doug Dryden   (North Vancouver)

2001   John Harvey, Doug Dryden   (North Vancouver)

2000   Perry Manns, Robert Gandy   (North Vancouver)

1999   Jim Murphy, Bill Meek   (Vancouver South)

1998   Peter Moffat, Perry Manns   (North Vancouver)

1997   Graham Jarvis, Tony Boucher   (Granville Park)


1946   Fred Bellis, Tom Peat   (Kerrisdale)

Senior Men's Fours

2016  Eric Leung, Daniel Au, Frances Yau, Clement Law (Richmond, North Van) 

2015  John Scutt, Peter Davies, Tony Webster, Bill Lang  (Maple Ridge)

2014   Dave Baldwin, Brian Papp, Chester Yeung, Alex Abraham (New Westminster)

2013   John Scutt, Glenn Cohen, Doug Morrison, Bill Lang (Maple Ridge)

2012   George Cubiss, Peter Davies, Tony Webster, Eugene Maxwell (Maple Ridge)

2011   Dave Baldwin, Bill Neville, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham  (Langley)

2010   Dave Baldwin, Bruce Matheson, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham  (Langley)

2009   Dave Baldwin, Bill Neville, Bill Pike, Alex Abraham   (Langley)

2008   George Cubiss, Peter Davies, Don Law, John Scutt   (Maple Ridge)

2007   George Cubiss, Peter Davies, John Scutt, Tony Webster   (Maple Ridge)

2006   George Cubiss, Peter Davies, John Scutt, Tony Webster   (Maple Ridge)



2003   Bill Fletcher, Karl Luond, Arthur Withers, John Kost   (Kerrisdale)

2002   Des Deroche, Lou Sousae, Ken Schsiler, Jim Lai   (Vancouver South)

2001   Bill Meek, George Brost, Ernie Braithwaite, Al Claney   (White Rock)

2000   Derek Seddon, Fred Wheeler, Bob Houston, Don Black   (North Vancouver)

1999   Jim Logan Sr, Lou Sousae, Ken Schisler, Des Deroche   (Vancouver South)

1998   Walter Kalke, Ian Henning, Doug Bergey, Tony Boucher   (Granville Park)

1997   Graham Jarvis, Walter Kalke, Doug Bergey, Tony Boucher   (Granville Park)

Men's Champion of Champions Singles

At on time the highest honour a bowler could achieve at the club level was the club singles championship.  Dave Brown once described it in these terms: "If you won the club singles, they practically gave you the keys to the city."  At Kerrisdale the club singles winner got a guaranteed $10.00, regardless of entries, and this at a time when the annual club dues were only $11.00.  Imagine winning a club event that virtually paid for your bowling for a year!

To top off the year, the V&D had a club singles champion of champions.  The winner was the top club champion in the district - a signal honour.  Unfortunately, although the event was free to enter, participation dwindled, for seemingly two reasons: some clubs had difficulty determining their winner within the necessray time frame and, more significantly, 'lesser' clubs were afraid of meeting a top bowler and getting thumped.  But let's remember those top bowlers who took it all:

1997   Steve Forrest (played in 1998)

Men's Triples Champions

The V&D Men's Triples event was a more recent addition to the V&D event catalogue and suffered largely from its position in the calendar (played right after the Canadian Championships) as well as from a surfeit of events.  It was officially discontinued after the 2003 season.

2002   Alfred Pang, Raymond Cheng, Jeff Chan   (Richmond)

2001   Cancelled

2000   Jim Murphy, Bill Meek, Matt Rodger   (Vancouver South)

1999   Hirendra Bhartu, Devan Wilkie, Roddy MacDonald   (Stanley Park)

1998   Jim Murphy, Jim Logan Bill Jarvie   (Vancouver South)

1997   Jim Logan, Des Deroche, Ken Schisler   (Vancouver South)