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BC WEEK - History & Past Results

NAVIGATION PANEL:   Women's Pairs / Triples / Fours

BC Week - A Brief History (All section articles by Dr. John Aveline)

B.C. Week is one of the oldest lawn bowls tournaments in Canada, running continuously since 1922.  Although it is one of largest events in BC, it was once a huge event, a bewildering array of trophies up for competition and newspaper coverage which included not just the results, but also the draw!

At its height, Men's BC week included Rinks, Pairs, Singles, Evening Triples, Barnard Rinks and International Rinks.  Bowlers came from western Canada and the United States to take part in this event and men who still worked would take the week off just to be able to play (The booklet for the 1939 BC Week bills the event as a chance to take a "relaxation from business cares".

In the beginning (1922) there were 3 main events; Men's Rinks, Doubles and Singles.  As time went on these events were expanded and other events were added.

A snap-shot of the event in 1947 can be found in the Daily Province.  B.C. Week celebrated its 25th anniversary in style.  The Men's Fours had 84 teams, the Men's Pairs had 164 and required 12 clubs for the first day's play.  The Men's Singles had 176 entries at 9 clubs.  Bowlers came from throughout the V&D as well as B.C. (Cumberland, Merritt, Nanaimo, Victoria, Penticton), Alberta (Calgary & Medicine Hat) and the States (Bellingham, Seattle, L.A., Berkeley).

BC Week - Event History & Past Winners - Men


The calculations for Bowler of the Week are done as follows.  Players receive points if they have a top finish in an.  The player with highest total number of points is declared Bowler of the Week.  Points are earned as followed:

PlacingSection ASection BSection C

The Women's Triples is not run as a sectional event.  As s result, points are awarded to the top 8 teams.  First place earns 8 points, second place is worth 7 points, down to 1 point for eighth place.

 2015 Paul Lee & Stanley Chow Richmond
 2014 Chris Grahame; Stan Turner / Stanley Chow (tie) Mann Park / Richmond
 2013 Chris Grahame & Stanley Chow (tie) Mann Park / Richmond
 2012 Paul Choi & Stanley Chow (tie) Richmond
 2011 Paul Choi & Stanley Chow Richmond
 2010 Kin On Lau Richmond
 2009 Francis Yau Granville Park
 2008 Kin On Lau Richmond
 2007 Stanley Chow & Paul Choi Richmond
 2006 Chuck Fung & Michael Leong Richmond & Granville
 2004 Alex Abraham Langley
 2003 Fred Fong
 New Westminster
 2000 Danny Ho / Perry Manns Granville Park / North Van
 1999 Jim Murphy / Ted Waterston Van South /
 1998 Perry Manns North Van
 1997 Des Deroches Van South
 1996 Graham Jarvis Granville Park
 1995 Merv Canham  New Westminster
 1994 Jack Mitchell Vancouver South
 1993 Bob Scott Vancouver South
 1992 Chung Pak (C.P.) Au New Westminster
 1991 Ted Waterston New Westminster
 1990 Vince Mai New Westminster


MEN'S SINGLES:  Seaton / Sparling / Masterman

Discontinued in 2002

The Seaton Singles were played on Wednesday and finished on the same day.  All games were 18 points except the semi-finals and finals which were the full 21 points.  All players started competing for the Seaton Trophy.  Those who lost their first game, continued, playing in the Sparling event (named for R.C. Sparling, president of the BCLBA. in 1930 and life member of Terminal City).  Those who lost in round 2 of the Seaton played for the Masterman trophy.  Everyone was guaranteed two games.  This must have run late.  If there were 64 entries (which is a low number), it would take 6 rounds to complete the event, but 7 rounds was more usual.  By the mid-90's the entry was typically about 32 and bowlers played 4 15-point games on the Wednesday.  The top 8 played knock-out 21-point singles games on Thursday.  Occasionally the top 16 advanced or players who finished 9-16 played a consolation play-off.

 2002 discontinued from this year on 
 2000 Tom Rozario Granville Park
 1999 Ted Waterston 
 1998 Des Deroche Vancouver South
 1997 Des Deroche Vancouver South
 1996 Alan Webster Granville Park
 1995 Angus McDonald 
 1994 Ted Waterston New Westminster
 1993 Bob Scott Vancouver South
 1992 Vince Sutherland Vancouver South
 1991 Ted Waterston New Westminster
 1990 Graham Jarvis Granville Park
 1959 Jim Hazlett WR
 1955 T.F. Teevan Terminal City

MEN'S FOURS:  Bowser / Jenkinson / L.C. Jack / Stewart

The Men's Fours is one of the charter members of B.C. Week.  It was included in the original event in 1922 and was sponsored by former premiere of B.C. John William Bowser in memory of his brother, Francis Bowser.  (Francis was an influential businessman in his own right.  The building on the south-west corner of 41st and West Boulevard, built in 1912, was named the Bowser Block after him)  John Bowser, shown at left, was also attorney general of B.C. and, at the time B.C. Week was established, was leader of the opposition.There were four flights in total and at first only the championship flight had a trophy.

As time went on trophies were put up for the other three flights.  Terminal City put up the John Jenkinson Trophy in honour of one of their charter members and past presidents.  This went to the second flight winner.  The third and fourth fligh winner eventually won the L.C. Jack and A. Stewart Trophies, respectively.  In the '60's the Bowser Trophy was discontinued in favour of the T. Eaton Co. Trophy, which would have included prizes in kind only - prize money, however small, would have forced the prize winner to be regarded as a professional, rather than an amateur.

In 1969 the fours became a triples event, likely due to declining entries and, perhaps, a growing preference for triples.  The current men's triples event in B.C. Week is actually the direct descendant of this fours event.  Fours was re-instituted in 2002, to replace the singles event, which was falling out of favour.  Not only did singles generate less income from entry fees, but it also required a larger number of volunteers in the form of markers.

Originally, the fours was run on the flight system.  Everyone was in the championship flight to start and then teams dropped down in the flights as they lost.  The first rounds were played on Monday, with the remaining rounds being played on Wednesday, and then Thursday.  Those who lost in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round of the Bowser, dropped down and played for the Jenkinson.  From then on, those who lost in the Bowser, from the 4th round all the way to the semi-finals, played for the L.C. Jack (named for the Terminal City bowler).  Those who lost in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds of the Jenkinson, played for the A. Stewart trophy.  Everyone was guaranteed 3 games.

By the 1940's the event's format had changed.  Teams were divided into 16 sections of 4 (who played 3 18-end games) or 6 (who played 4 14-end games).  The draw for this (and all other events) was published in the Saturday newspaper).  Section winners played for the Bowser, 2nd place teams played for the Jenkinson, 3rd place teams for the Jack and 4th, 5th and 6th placers for the Stewart. Thursday play was straight knock-out and all games were 18 ends (semis and finals were 21 ends).  In 1947 there were 16 sections (96 teams) so every trophy event had 16 teams in the knock-out portion.  That meant that all entrants played 54 or 56 ends on Monday and all finalists played 4 games on Thursday (78 ends, not including burnt ends).  Today the fours event is very much scaled back.  It is run on the final two days of B.C. Week.  On the the first day teams play 4 10-end games and are divided into sections based on their finish (top teams are in A, the next teams are in B and the bottom teams are in C).  On the second day teams play another 4 10-end games within their section.  The winner of A is the B.C. Week Men's Fours champions.

 2015 Paul Lee, James Chen, Stanley Chow, Clement Law Richmond
 2014 Paul Brinton, Stan Turner, Harold Hendess,
 Rick Lambert

 Mann Park
 2013 Eric Leung, Peter Cheong, Ken Lee, Serge Pannu RM, GP, RM,
 2012 Paul Choi, James Chen, Stanley Chow, Kelvin Lai Richmond
 2011 Chris Grahame, Francis Yau, Johnny Liu, Ron Leyland MP, GP, RM, KR
 2010 Peter Davies, John Scutt, Roy Wakemer, Tony Webster Maple Ridge
 2009 Francis Yau, Kin On Lau, Sand Wan, Ed Iftody GP, RM, RM, SP
 2008 Peter Moffat, John Moffat, Perry Manns, Tony Mandzuk North Van
 2007 Peter Moffat, John Moffat, Perry Manns, Clement Law North Van
 2006 Chuck Fung, Michael Leong, Henry Fung,
 Peter Cheung
 2004 Chuck Fung, Michael Leong, Philip Chan, Calvin Tam RM, GP, RM, RM
 2003 Paul Choi, Kion Wong, Fred Fong, Richard Yau
 1969-2001 Event not held 
 1968 A. McPhee, E. Files, G. Coutu, E. Rollo New West
 1955 G. Hymers, V. Martindale, B. Gaskarth, W. Fowler (South) Burnaby

MEN'S TRIPLES:  Centennial

B.C. Week made every effort to include all bowlers in the V&D and beyond.  It was run with the possibility in mind that working people would take the week off to play in B.C. Week (and many did).  It was also acknowledged that some people were unable to take that week off, so the organizers ran an evening event.  It began as a doubles (pairs) event, but grew to a triples event by 1956 where we find teams competing for the Stanley Trophy, which was donated by Dr. Stanley of Bellingham.  In 1958 he trophy for this event was the Centennial Trophy to mark the Centennial of British Columbia.

 Paul Lee, James Chen, Stanley Chow Richmond
 2014 Kelvin Lai, Peter Lee, Sam Wong
 2013 Chester Yeung, Charles Ko, Michael Shea RM, NW, RM
 2012 John Scutt, Tony Webster, Peter Davies Maple Ridge
 2011 Stan Turner, Don Young, John Kost Kerrisdsale
 2010 Alfred Pang, Kin On Lau, (Hiren Bhartu),
 Michael Leong
 Richmond, (Nanaimo), Granville
 2009 Cary Manns, Perry Manns, Bruce Matheson North Van
 2008 Sam Siu, Hiren Bhartu, Shafiq Siddiqi North Van, Van South, Granville
 2007 George Cubiss, Alan Ashton, Eugene Maxwell Maple Ridge
 2006 Chuck Fung, Michael Leong, Peter Cheung Richmond, Granville
 2005 Dave Baldwin, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham Langley
 2004 Dave Baldwin, Brian Papp, Alex Abraham  Langley
 2003 Alfred Pang, Raymond Cheng, Richard Yau
 Vancouver South
 2000 Danny Ho, Alan Webster, Tom Rozario Granville Park
 1999 John Aveline, Alan Webster, Steve Main Granville Park, Richmond
 1998 Perry Manns, Jim Bolton, Jack Bunting North Van
 1997 Norm Broomhall, Jim Buttar, Tom Lam Van South
 1996 John Aveline, Ian Henning, Don Macey Granville Park
 1995 Walter Kalke, Doug Bergey, Ian Webber
 (Bob Broome)
 Granville Park
 1994 ?, Bud Addleman, Merrill ? 
 1993 Bob Scott, Lou Sousae, Jack Mitchell Van South
 1992 Norm Broomhall, Herman Litsky, Dick Drew Van South, New West, North Van
 1991 Ted Waterston, Jim Fenton, C.P. Au New Westminster
 1990 Vince Mai, Bob Scullion, Jim Logan Sr North Van, Van South
 1977 C. MacFarlane, R. Chatwin, B. Blondin  Terminal City
 1976 J. Morrison, B. McQuillan Jr, K. Ridyard Vancouver South
 1975 not available 
 1974 J. Henderson, B. Bostock, B. Ralston Stanley Park
 1973 W. Hopwood, J. Clayton, A. Brown Vancouver South
 1972 A. Houston, D. Binnie, G. Binnie  Terminal City
 1971 A. Weir, A. Dunlop, B. Blondin Terminal City
 1970 not available 
 1969 J. Jarvis, C. Anderson, M. Nelson Stanley Park

MEN'S PAIRS:  Wee McKay / Mercer / Gray / Bryant

The Men's Pairs has one of the events ever since BC Week was first played in 1922.  Like the Fours, the Pairs had an original trophy - The Wee McKay (pronounced to rhyme with 'eye') and over time the four flights had trophies put up for their winners.  The pairs was always run on the 'pennant system.  Teams were divided into 16 groups of 4 or 6 teams and played 3 18-end games or 4 14's on Tuesday.  Knock-out play for each trophy began Friday mornng and there were 4 rounds: 2 18-end games and 21-end games for the semis and finals.  By the 1950's the 4 trophies were the Wee McKay, Mercer, Gray and Bryant (played for by the teams that finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, respectively, in their original sections.  Those who finished 5th and 6th in 6 team sections played a consolation event with no trophy. 

 Paul Lee, Stanley Chow Richmond
 2014 Cary Manns, Vince Mai
 North Van / South Van
 2013 Perry Manns, Clement Law North Vancouver
 2012 Cary Manns, Clement Law North Vancouver
 2011 Bruce Matheson, Bill Pearson Langley, Arizona
 2010 Eric Leung, James Chen Richmond
 2009 Francis Yau, Chris Grahame Granville / Mann Parks
 2008 Paul Choi, Stanley Chow Richmond
 2007 Paul Choi, Stanley Chow Richmond
 2006 Steve Santana, Vincent Siu North Van
 2004 Peter Moffat, Bill Sorenson North Van
 2003 Fred Fong, Ken Lai
 New Westminster
 2000 Danny Ho, Alan Webster Granville Park
 1999 Jim Aitken, Mark Raymond Stanley Park
 1998 Jim Aitken, Mark Raymond Stanley Park
 1997 Jim Aitken, Ben Takemori Stanley Park/Van South
 1996 Graham Jarvis, Tony Boucher Granville Park
 1995 Steve Forrest, Bob Smith Victoria
 1994 Malcolm Harrington, Harry Rihela White Rock
 1993 Jim Bolton, Bob Rodgers North Vancouver
 1992 Len Lebeter, Bob Labron 
 1991 Bob Scott, John Kochaniuk Van South
 1990 Bob Venturas, Vince Mai Van South, North Van
 1957 Jim Hazlett, Alex Hazlett (Wee McKay) White Rock
 1955 Sandy Houston, J. Morrison Mount Pleasant

NOVICE SINGLES Discontinued 2000

 2011 not held 
 2010 not held 
 2000 not played not played
 1999 not played not played
 1998 Ron Fox Coquitlam
 1997 Louis Tsang Richmond
 1996 Eugene Ko Granville Park
 1995 Laurence Leedham North Vancouver
 1994 Brad Neave Granville Park
 1993 Gerry Douglas 
 1992 Malcolm Taylor North Vancouver
 1991 Jim Chobaniuk North Vancouver
 1990 Merv Canham New Westminster
 1968 Alan Webster Granville Park

BC Week - Past Champions - Women

WOMEN'S FOURS - Kitsilano Men's Trophy

You know there has to be a good story behind this one - and as soon as someone tells it to me, I'll share it around.

 2015 Helen Auyeung, Susan Shea, Linda Mg, Theresa Tang Richmond
 2014 Nell Smitheringale, Arlene McGinn, Elvina Stewart,
 Mary Ellis

 North Van
 2013 Arlene McGinn, Nell Smitheringale, Mary Ellis,
 Elvina Stewart
 North Van
 2012 Anne Jackson, Jenny Siu, Marie Murray, Joan Bearisto North Van
 2011 Nancy Speers, Peg McIsaac, Bev Cutler, Nannely Lawson North Van
 2010 Lorraine Choi, Sandy Yau, Shirley Choi, Frieda So Richmond
 2008 Arlene McGinn,  Nell Smitheringale, Corine Brost,
 Joyce Page
 North Van
 2004 Marlene Cleutinx, Leanne Chinery, Diane Fulton, Katie

 2003 Robin Forrest, Diane Fulton, Joan Baker, Marj Mitchell SP, VS, VS, VS
 2002 On Kow Au, Helen Lam, Shirley Lai, Josephine Lee RM, GP, GP, NW
 2001 Isobel Houston, Mae Humphreys, S. Payne,
 Joan MacLeod
 2000 Alice Duncalf, Dorothy Macey, Eleanor Bolton,
 Joyce Schisler
 1999 C. Schewaga, Mae Humphreys, Helen Galan,
 Joan McLeod
 1998 Melva Tunmore, Barb Nagle, M. Sparks, Sydney Hope 
 1997 Jesse Martin, Sylvia Broomhall, Juanita Tucker,
 Phyllis Crane
 1996 Marlene Cleutinx, Selina Jarvis, Audrey Schmidt,
 Beryl Harrington
 Winn, GP, Winn, WR


WOMEN'S TRIPLES - Graham Trophy

The Mildred Graham Trophy was instituted in 1955 and awarded to the Women's Triples Champions of B.C. Week.  It is interesting to note that in the 1950's and '60's all of the women were Mrs. (no

t one single woman in the lot and until the 1970's the initial was the husband's, so Dorothy Foreman's name on the trophy is Mrs. J. Foreman.  1974 was ther last year that 'marital status' was shown on the plaques.

 Helen Brinton, Carol Reynolds, Sharon Baldwin WR & Mann Park
 2014 Nell Smitheringale, Bonnie Smith, Rae Sovensen
 North Van
 2013 Karen Rees, Jocelyn Henderson, Lynn Owen 
 2012 Nell Smitheringale, Arlene McGinn, Bonnie Smith North Van
 2011 Nell Smitheringale, Anne Jackson, Gale Pilkington North Van
 2008 Nell Smitheringale, Arlene McGinn, Bonnie Smith North Vancouver
 1999 not held 
 1985 Dorothy Macey, Mary Meaney, M. Veitch Vancouver South
 1984 Peggy Clarkson, Kate Summers, M. Lapp Dunbar
 1983 Peggy Clarkson, Kate Summers, M. Lapp Dunbar
 1982 Mary Meaney, E. Walker, D. McDonald Vancouver South
 1981 Mary Meaney, E. Walker, Doreen Jarvie Vancouver South
 1980 Sheila Buttar, Greta. Gaubinger, Adele. Cittone Stanley Park
 1979 Mary Meaney, E. Walker, Doreen Jarvie Vancouver South
 1978 Sheila Buttar, Adele Cittone, Greta Gaubinger Stanley Park
 1977 M. Porter, M. Whidder, E. Ashley Dunbar
 1976 B. Donohoe, S. Larochelle, Kathy Finch Vancouver South
 1975 Nell Hunter, M. Kenware, R. Devlin North Vancouver
 1974 Mary Meaney, Dorothy Macey, Ethel Jones Vancouver South
 1973 Muriel Holness, P. Davies, M. Pollitt North Vancouver
 1972 Elsie Craig, J. Henderson, D. Caffyn Stanley Park
 1971 Dorothy Foreman, M. Sutherland, L. Howse Terminal City
 1970 A.T. Speedie, A. Clark, W. Frederick Kerrisdale
 1969 I. Armstrong, I. Donaldson, W. Kinnis 
 1968 E. Coulter, N. Bagley, P. Cormack Terminal City
 1966 Nell Hunter, N. Hullah, Muriel Holness North Vancouver
 1964 Dorothy Foreman, G. Sutherland, Lucy Howse Terminal City
 1963 Nell Hunter, N. Hullah, P. Mitchell North Vancouver
 1962 D. Caffyn, D. Belshaw, S. Buttar New Westminster
 1961 C. Donovan, G. Bagley, T. Teevan Terminal City
 1960 N. Adkins, G. Fuller, E. Claybon Dunbar
 1959 C. Folkins, N. MacDonald, B. Stead Arroyo Seco LBC
 1958 T. Dodgson, R.G. Consterdine, D. Webster Terminal City
 1957 D. Caffyn, D. Belshaw, G. Coutu New Westminster
 1956 N. Hunter, N. Hullah, R. Woodward North Vancouver
 1955 S. Caffyn, D. Belshaw, G. Coutu New Westminster

WOMEN'S PAIRS - Western Mutual Trophy

The Women's Pairs originally competed for the Western Mutual Trophy, which was put by the Western Mutual Benefit Association in 1941.  The actual trophy, which is currently houed at Granville Park states fulsomely and in several different fonts, "Western Mutual Trophy Doubles Events Presented for Annual Competition to the Ladies Division of the B.C. Lawn Bowling Association by the Western Mutual Benefit Association".  Although the event is still part of of B.C. Week, the last names inscribed on the trophy are the winners of 1976.

Interesting to look at the old brass trophy.  All the women are given their title Mrs up until 1971 and very woman who won in those first 31 years was married (because most clubs only allowed women to join if their husband's already belonged).  Most of the time we can assume that their initial is actually their husband's first initial and not their own (e.g., Mrs. G. Foreman of Terminal City is Dorothy Foreman).

 2015 Josephine Lee, Sarina Mak  New Westminster
 2014 Constance Desjardins, Nancy Leung New Westminster
 2013 Constance Desjardins, Nancy Leung New Westminster
 2012 Shella Holt, Rita Patterson Granville Park
 2011 Sydney Hope, Myrle Lawrence North Van
 2010 Lorraine Choi, Sandy Yau Richmond
 2008 Barbara Gandy, Marjorie Mitchell North Vancouver
 2004 Pat Aarvold, Barbara Gandy
 North Vancouver
 2003 Alice Duncalf, Micky Dekker Van South, White Rock
 2002 On Kow Au, Josephine Lee Richmond, New West
 2001 Pat Aarvold, Barb Gandy North Vancouver
 2000 Helen Lam, Shirley Lai Granville Park
 1999 Pat Aarvold, Barb Gandy North Vancouver
 1998 Isobel Houston, Helen Galan North Vancouver
 1997 Terry Delaney, Jean Elder SP, WPG
 1996 Marlene Cleutinx, Audrey Schmidt Winnipeg
 1976 Dorothy Macey, Mary Meaney Van South
 1975 N. Sutherland, E. Jones Terminal City
 1974 R. Devlin, N. Hunter North Van
 1973 Pat Horrocks, Ruby Middleshurst Stanley Park
 1972 N. Hunter, N. Hullah North Van
 1971 I. ole, C. Folkins Powell River / California
 1970 G. Sutherland, G. Foreman Terminal City
 1969 E. Lovell, D. Caffyn Stanley Park
 1968 J. Williams, M Lindsay Ladner
 1967 B. Crick, S. Buttar New Westminster
 1966 G. Robson, D. Green Oak Bay
 1965 G. Bagley, C. Donevan Terminal City
 1964 G. Sutherland, J. Foreman Terminal City
 1963 W.H. Ashcroft, S. Kelleway Dunbar
 1962 E. Rodgers, E. Littler Burnaby
 1961 N. McDonald, C. Folkins Arroyo Seco, Calif
 1960 E. Winship, C. Rumball Hastings Community
 1959 R Rowell, EW. Adams Grandview
 1958 N. McDonald, C. Folkins Arroyo Seco, Calif
 1957 E. Beatty, H. Kingscote West Point Grey
 1956 H. Kingscote, C. Brackenridge West Point Grey
 1955 P. Falkner, S. Bennett West Vancouver
 1954 J. Robertson, J. Foreman Grandview
 1953 D. Belshaw, F. Dolley New Westminster
 1952 J. Berry, J. Galbraith Hastings Community Club
 1951 H. Hullah, H. Hunter North Vancouver
 1950 W. Kenmare, L.W. McCready North Vancouver
 1949 H.R. White, W. Hamilton Kerrisdale
 1948 not played 
 1947 B. Anderton, T. Trew Mount Pleasant
 1946 C. Payton, C.C. Donevan Mount Pleasant
 1945 Wm. Young, J. Whyte Kerrisdale
 1944 not played 
 1943 F. Garlick, C.B. LeRoy Bellingham L.B.C.
 1942 R. Gilfillan, L. McCready North Van
 1941 E. Barraclough, J Whyte Kerrisdsale

WOMEN'S SINGLES - Churchill Trophy Discontinued in 2004

 2003 Cathy Jeanes North Van
 2002 Cathy Jeanes North Van
 2001 Mary Ann Beath West Point Grey
 2000 Josephine Lee New Westminster
 1999 Sheila Buttar Van South
 1998 Isobel Houston North Van
 1997 Christine Soukoroff Van South
 1996 Selina Jarvis Granville Park


WOMEN'S NOVICE SINGLES - Chambers Trophy Discontinued in 2000

 1999 not played 
 1998 P. Koehler 
 1997 Cecile Adams North Vancouver
 1996 C. Hobson 


 2015 Sharon Baldwin White Rock
 2014 Nell Smitheringale  North Van
 2013 Jenny Siu North Van
 2012 Bonnie Smith & Jenny Siu North Van
 2011 Myrle Lawrence, Gale Pilkington, Nell Smitheringale (tie) North Van
 2008 Nell Smitheringale  North Van
 2004 Mary Hargreaves
 2003 On Kow Au Richmond
 2002 On Kow Au & Josephine Lee (tie) Richmond, New West
 2001 Barb Gandy North Van
 2000 Alice Duncalf Van South
 1999 Sheila Buttar Van South
 1998 Isobel Houston North Van
 1997 Norma Bourne Granville Park
 1996 Marlene Cleutinx Winnipeg

 At one point in the history of B.C. Week there was a mixed triples tournament which was held on the Saturday before the start of B.C. Week.. This 'kick-off' event had its trophy, the Graham Trophy.